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Gulf War veteran John Mumby passes through Big Spring on his walk across Texas

John Mumby makes a stop in Big Spring during his walk to bring awareness to Gulf War Syndrome.

BIG SPRING, Texas — Big Spring got a visit today from Gulf War veteran John Mumby...

...who has been walking a long way across Texas.

But all that walking isn’t for nothing.

John Mumby is a proud Army veteran who served for ten years and served in the Gulf War.

He has come a long way since the start of his journey.

“I started this journey in Waskom, Texas. Which is on the Louisiana-Texas state line," Mumby said. "I’ve already gone over four hundred miles and I’m going to end at Fort Bliss in El Paso hopefully by December 3rd.”

In the spring of 2020, Mumby developed muscular, skeletal, and neurological symptoms from the inhalation of saran gas and other chemicals due to improper exposure during the Gulf War.

These complications, unfortunately, were even passed on to his sons. This has motivated him even more to see to it that something is done about this.

He hopes his walk gains the attention of the state congress and senators to press forward with legislation to force the VA to recognize gulf war syndrome as a disability and its symptoms.

This would help not only him but also other Gulf War veterans like him.

But this walk serves another purpose first and foremost for himself.

“The walk is for me," Mumby said. "It gives me an opportunity to be relevant again and not just sitting around waiting to die. It’s kind of like my spark of hope.”

John Mumby has partnered up with walkforvets.org, who deal with veterans issues.

He is also periodically resupplied by his wife, Lisa Mumby, along his journey.

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