MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - An Odessa resident posted a Facebook post earlier this month highlighting the annual number of confirmed HIV cases in Ector and Midland counties.

Growing number of confirmed HIV cases in the Permian Basin
Photo Courtesy: Mike Web Facebook

Looking at the last six years of data from both counties, there was a large spike in confirmed cases.

Both Ector and Midland county had a larger increase from 2017- 2018 than any of the five previous years.

Officials of PermiaCare Basin Assistance Services Center say with the four to five intakes a week that they’re currently seeing around four times as many people in a month than they would typically see.

“In the past, we would probably average about five or six [people] a month, so we are getting our months worth in a week,” said a Team Leader of the PBASC Delfina Ponce.

PBASC’s goal is to make the people that seek treatment through them reach a point to where their virus is undetectable so its “un-transmittable”.

Some of the services PBASC offers are:

· HIV Specialist clinic visits

· Free Condoms

· Regular blood work

· Medication assistance

· Dental care

· Referred physician services

· Medical case management

· Rides to medical appointments

· Education/awareness on HIV diagnosis

· Individual and group counseling

· Housing and utility assistance (HOPWA)

· Social services case management

In addition, they also offer free HIV testing on-site with an appointment.

For more information visit their website at www.PBMHMR.com.