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Gov. Abbott's newest order taps out local Businesses

Local bars like Tall City Brewing had to close down overnight on Thursday due to new regulations.

MIDLAND, Texas — What a difference a day makes. Tall City Brewing was pouring beers Thursday night, but Friday morning they were flipping chairs onto tables.

"We had a food truck that was supposed to be out here, Boom Town barbecue. One of the best in Midland," said Tall City Owner Jeff Thomas. "He texted me with a link saying, 'does this mean you’re closed?'"

That link contained Governor Greg Abbott's new executive order stating all bars must close by noon.

"That was a shock…to a point. I did think there was going to be something that came down with the spike," said Thomas. "I didn’t think it’ll be this quick, in just a few hours notice."

So just like that, Tall City Brewing was once again a to-go only business. They weren't the only ones affected by the order though. 

For the second time this year, Chito's Mexican Bar & Grill will have to operate at a limited capacity.

"We’re just going to be going back to when we had the 50 percent already. So if just we change a little bit like the tables," said Chito's manager Monserrath Saucedo. "The expectation is going to be the same, to take care of the employees and to take care of the customers too."

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