GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - After nearly a year, the Greenwood Volunteer Fire department has a new station that costs about $800,000.

There are about 15 to 18 crewmembers who are trained to fight fires who will now call the station home.

The money was raised by various grants, Midland County and in-house funding.

“We put 10% of everything that came in into a building fund and ear marked that and set it aside, and then through numerous foundations we were able to raise the rest of the funds,” Chief Jon Baumann, Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department, said.

Before, the station was were firefighters would keep the apparatus at home, and those vehicles are not cheap.

“It’s $600,000.00 worth of machinery that needs to be kept inside in a controlled environment it’s to protect the assets mainly,” Baumann said.

The equipment is now stored in a bay that is temperature controlled. If it were ever to go below freezing, the heater would kick-on.

This helps keep the trucks running. But there are also some other additions to the new station as well.

“This is a specially designed washing machine, we got that as part of a grant and that way you get all the carcinogens out of the bunker gear,” Baumann said.

The Fire Department is vital to the Greenwood community, and to those living out in Midland County.

“A lot of time we get to the scene first, and we can get things moving first before they (City of Midland Fire Department) get here,” Baumann said.