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Greater Gardendale Water Supply Corporation ends boil water notice

Lab results came back showing there is no longer a need for boiling water in Gardendale.

GARDENDALE, Texas — UPDATE: The public water system has taken the proper actions in restoring in the quality of the water distributed in Gardendale by the public water system used for human consumption purposes and drinking water. 

Lab results were handed into the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that show the water no longer needs to be boiled prior to its use. 

For people have any more questions, they can contact Greater Gardendale Water Supply Corporation at 432-561-9255.


Original Story: The Greater Gardendale Water Supply Corporation issued a boil water notice Tuesday night, following a main line rupture.

 Customers should boil their water before any form of consumption, especially children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems.

On Wednesday, NewsWest 9 spoke with Peggy Cox, General Manager for Greater Gardendale Water Supply Corporation. She said an issue in a water line caused the notice to go out.

"Anytime you lose pressure within your system, below 20 psi, the state requires you to issue a boil water notice," said Cox. "We had a mainline rupture close to the pump station which is one of largest lines, so we issued a boiled water notice after that."

Cox said people in the area have water to use, but not the assurance that it is safe to use as is.

"The operators rerouted the lines and the operators did a very good job, got it quickly repaired," said Cox. "We have a crew en route to work on the main line that did have a rupture on it. We have taken some water samples to the lab and that takes about 24 hours to get those results back, so it's a boil water notice until we get a clear sample back."

Water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes before use, or replaced with bottled water or a source outside of the area.

"Boil water vigorously before you consume it," said Cox. "That means don't get water in your eyes or in your face or don't brush your teeth. If you are going to use it for things like food, then of course you will need to boil it. By boiling it everything would be good that way."

Officials will notify customers when the water is safe for use without boiling again.

Anyone with questions should contact GGWSC at 6600 E. Goldenrod in Gardendale, or by calling 432-561-9255.

This is all the information NewsWest 9 has on the notice. We will update this story when it is lifted.