MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Moving companies are holding your furniture hostage, for a better price.

The Midland Police Department said today that a scam is going around where a moving company will load up a customer's belongings, only to hike up the price and hold the furniture until the new higher price is paid.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles licenses moving companies and wants you to be aware of some things.

Here are some things movers are required by law to give you:

  • A written proposal or estimate that shows either a guaranteed price or a "not to exceed" maximum amount for the move.
  • A written contract before the move.
  • Standard liability of 60 cents per pound per item.
  • A brochure that outlines your rights and responsibilities under Texas law.
  • A final copy of the contract upon completion of the move that includes the total charges for the move; an itemized list of what the charges are for; and the method used to calculate the charges.

TxDMV has some tips to remember any time you are thinking about hiring a moving company:

  • If a moving deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Never accept a verbal quote or agreement.
  • Never hire an unlicensed mover.
  • Check the company's license status on www.TxDMV.gov
  • Read the contract before signing it.
  • If a truck shows up without the company name or without US DOT or TxDMV number printed on it, be aware of the risk.

If a mover attempts to hold your items hostage, call the police.

More information can be found at here.