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Forsan ISD investigates racist pictures posted by Forsan High students

Two pictures are circulating on social media that have parents upset. One is a student in a cage and the other students are spelling out a racial slur.

FORSAN, Texas — Forsan Independent School District is currently investigating two pictures that are circulating through social media that parents are calling racist. 

"We found out about this on Friday and began our investigation into it at that time," says Randy Johnson, Forsan ISD Superintendent. 

The first picture was taken sometime last year and was posted on Snapchat. In the picture, an African American student is in a chicken coop cage, with the picture captioned, "starting the bidding at $2,000."

The second picture is the more recent one. It shows three girls holding up phones spelling out a racial slur. 

Johnson says they are taking the pictures and comments from upset parents very seriously and do not condone this type of behavior.

"We are aware and we take the racism very serious and are working as diligently as we can to make sure we help the students involved to learn and grow through this experience "

Forsan does have a bullying policy that's listed on their website. Where it is stated that, "bullying may be verbal or written expression through electronic means or physical conduct."

Credit: KWES

As of Friday, Johnson tells me some students in these pictures have received some disciplinary action.

Credit: KWES

"It was obvious that some were involved and we were able to deal with that beginning on Friday, right away," says Johnson, "it is a disciplinary issue and we are working through that process "  

The district will continue to investigate both cases to make sure all parties are found.

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