MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A former Uber driver accused of emptying a rider's bank account. That's after she left her credit card behind.
The City of Midland thinks police could have found the man sooner.

Uber made their decision to stop operating in Midland less than a week after this incident was reported.

"Uber decided they didn't like our ordinance after all even though we had worked hand in hand in creating that ordinance and we had made a lot of concessions to please Uber," said City of Midland Public Information Officer, Sara Bustilloz.

Beau Walker is the former Uber driver who emptied out a woman's bank account. Police say it happened after the woman forgot her card in his car. The arrest affidavit said the woman was out drinking with a group of friends.

They decided to take an Uber home, that's when Walker picked them up and drove them.
"After taking them home the victim actually invited him inside the home. He spent three hours there. Then they all went out to What-A-Burger afterward. She woke up the next morning and had an almost $60 trip charge from Uber and her credit card was missing," said Bustilloz.

The woman's bank account was missing over $600 and adult movies were purchased online using the card.

Midland Police said they had a hard time identifying the driver. All the victim had was an Uber receipt that had her driver's first name and profile picture.
"One of the things that we had asked for from transportation companies is that they provide us a list of driver information, on a regular basis. I think it would have been a lot easier and we would have figured this out a lot sooner to know who we were dealing with if we had that information at hand," said Bustilloz.

Police say in order to identify the man they had to pull surveillance video from the ATM Walker used to empty the account and match it up with his driver license photo.