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More flies and mosquitoes appearing in Midland

Recent rains have brought bugs buzzing to Midland houses.

MIDLAND, Texas — While recent rains have been welcome in Midland, they have brought some unwanted guests to homeowners.

The numbers of flies and mosquitoes in different areas have varied. Some say they’ve only seen a few, while others deal with a dozen at a time.

Michael Nickell from the Sibley Nature Center said the boom in bugs comes from the rise in their food sources.

“I would say probably rains have more to do with it than anything else," Nickell said. "The rains have brought out a greater amount of vegetation, which is more food for other things and of course more food at one level or another for flies too.”

The flies that have been swatted have ranged from regular house flies to horse flies.

However, these bugs do have a benefit to the ecosystem, as flies decompose dead objects and are a food source for birds and fish.

Mosquitoes are the bigger nuisance, but there is a way to keep them at bay.

“Well of course, if you want to reduce the mosquito population, get rid of any standing water around your house, like in flower pots or bird baths, particularly at night, and fill them up the next day," Nickell said. "Be sure to empty them at night because they are a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

You can also keep flies away from your home by keeping it trash free while avoiding overripe fruits.

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