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Fix West Texas to hold 'Home to Home' adoption program

The adoption program looks to find new homes for dogs that cannot be looked after by current owners.

MIDLAND, Texas — In today's day and age, it can be tough to take care of a dog or cat, with many becoming lost or abandoned.

That is why Fix West Texas has created a new adoption program to help get these animals off the streets.

Fix West Texas is an organization with the goals of spaying, neutering, vaccinating and microchipping dogs and cats.

Their main goal is to find homes for the lost pets that people bring to them.

This is why they created the "Home-to-Home" adoption program. The program has been a great success already, with over 90 participants and over 70 adoptions in the first month it has been utilized.

Beth Meeks, the director of community outreach and financing for Fix West Texas, explains just how one can take part in the Home to Home adoption program. 

“Anyone can enter our program. What we do is we help them spay or neuter, vaccinate and microchip the pet and we can do it at a reduced cost if we need to," Meeks said. "We ask that they keep the pet in their home, we provide food, puppy pads, cat litter, anything they need to keep the pet so that we can help find it a home so it basically goes from a home to a home and ever has to leave a shelter."

With so many animals being left on the streets, Fix West Texas' shelters and rescues have reached capacity. There are also owners who just cant take care of a new feline or canine friend in their time of need.

“There’s a lot of pets being dumped. There’s a lot of owners especially right now in this economy that can’t keep their pets any longer," Meeks said. "There’s also pets that we call them 'oops litters', where a female hasn’t been spayed and she ends up having a litter of puppies and people just need help, they can’t keep those pets.”

The next home to home adoption center will take place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Midland Downtown Farmer's Market and at the Odessa Petco from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

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