ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The new Odessa Marriott Hotel and Conference Center prides itself in its luxury.

Walking in the front door of the new hotel, guests will be greeted with a spacious, open lobby, and a suspended staircase.

General manager, Steve Dennis, says the luxury hotel will be unlike any other property in Odessa.

The property will be attached to the newly renovated Ector Theatre.

There was originally talk to tear down the theatre but instead it will be expanded to 800 seats, including a balcony.

It won’t be just guests enjoying the luxurious facility.

The hotel and conference center is being designed in a way to welcome members of the community even without a booked room.

On the weekends, people can expect to find live music and other forms of entertainment in the hotel and conference center.

There will be a resort style pool, surrounded by a large deck area, with a shallow end to lay lounge chairs in the water and a free-standing Starbucks near by.

People will be able to buy day passes to enjoy the pool during times the hotel is not expecting to be overly busy as a way to welcome the public to the facility.

Dennis believes this property will “change the dynamic of Odessa”.

The hotel’s architecture is design was inspired by the landscape that someone would see if they were flying over the area in an airplane- almost like a grid.

The hotel intends to bring local businesses together and attract new ones to the area.

There are plans for both a soft and a grand opening in August.