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'Finding Home in Boomtown': A West Texas film

A West Texas film maker teamed up with a West Texas dreamer to document a solution for local homelessness.

MIDLAND, Texas — West Texas is known for its wide open spaced terrain. 

The Field's Edge is the future tiny home village that will help solve Midland's homeless problem, and it was the sole inspiration for the film 'Finding Home in Boomtown'.

 "Here in Midland, you don't hear too often about people selling their beautiful home to move into a trailer, its quite the opposite, its all about selling their home and moving into that bigger house," said Matt Maxwell, the West Texas filmmaker behind the movie.

John-Mark Echols and his wife decided to pack up their home, sell it and move into a tiny 500-square foot trailer home with the goal of creating a tiny local home village over time. 

"Its also a very personal, just, look at our lives and it shows some really sweet moments," said John-Mark Echols. 

Matt Maxwell was a student at the time and followed the couple and their daughter around with a camera for a school project. 

"Mark and Brianna Echols were so nice and so kind, to enter their life and allow me to film their life and the inner most parts and I don't know if they knew what they were getting into when they said yes to me filming them," said Maxwell. 

What started as a thesis project turned into a film festival favorite, documenting the progression of the tiny home village from its inception. 

"Its been a lot of ups and downs over the last couple years, some hardships, challenges, disappointments, successes but we're really thankful to have a lot of that documented in this film," said Echols. 

"We have secured land for the tiny home community for the chronically homeless here in Midland, we're working on our fundraising which we're at sixty percent now and we're looking to break ground in 2020."

A big dream for tiny homes created a bond between two West Texans with a goal of giving hope to the homeless. 

Event by Finding Home In Boomtown on Thursday, October 17 2019 with 182 people interested and 87 people going.

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