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Field's Edge hosts Thanksgiving meal

The nonprofit organization held a Thanksgiving feast for its incoming residents and staff members.

MIDLAND, Texas — Field's Edge held a Thanksgiving meal today for its incoming residents and staff members. 

The nonprofit organization has spent the last couple of years preparing to give some people the ultimate gift of shelter. Led by Founder and CEO John-Mark Echols, Field's Edge is doing their part for people experiencing homelessness and Thanksgiving is no different.

"The Field's Edge is a local Midland nonprofit and we have built a permanent supportive tiny home community to life the chronically homeless up off the street and we are just about to get people moved in here very shortly, Echols said. "So today we're having a Thanksgiving feast with our incoming residents and some people who work on our cleanup work program. So, there's about 40 people here, just celebrating our first Thanksgiving at the village today."

The incoming residents were incredibly grateful for the meals and look forward to moving into the community sometime next week. 

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