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FBI warns businesses about email scams

Businesses in Midland and Odessa have lost $723,000 in scams this past year.

MIDLAND, Texas — The FBI has a warning for all businesses to watch out for business email compromise or BEC scams.

"We'll see real estate companies are getting scammed, title companies, sometimes we see government agencies have been compromised, law firms," said FBI Special Agent Sergio Barrio at the El Paso field office.

These scammers will trick employees into sending them money by using fake links and fake emails, sometimes even pretending to be their boss.

"It involves some high pressure email where the spoofed email or compromised email of the high level executive is requesting funds to be immediately transferred," said Barrio.

Scammers will also pretend to be other companies that a business might be familiar with.

"Usually what happens with this is a supplier or sub contactor when they request a change to their usual bank where the funds are being transferred," said Barrio.

So as a tip, always make sure you contact the company directly at a phone number you know is legit, because you never know where an email is actually coming from.

"When it comes to the internet there's no borders to the crime, most the time when we chase the money it turns out to be an international type of organization," said the agent.

To find out more about these scams and what to do if you fall victim to one visit the FBI's website.