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'Fan Drive' provides heat relief for seniors

"The community as you can tell has really come out in full force again this year," said Senior Life Board Member John Moesch

MIDLAND, Texas — Living in Texas, we do all we can to beat the heat and keeping people cool especially our seniors, is important.

"With folks our age its just uncomfortable at times but our homebound elderly it can not only be uncomfortable but extremely dangerous," said John Moesch who is on the board for Senior Life Midland.

This is why Senior Life Midland held a 'fan drive' at Lowe's to get as many fans as possible into the homes of seniors.

"We want to make sure they have proper cooling, fans and so we come out to Lowes every year at this time and collect fans and small window air conditioners," Moesch said.

After the fans are collected, Senior Life midland and meals on wheels will bring them to seniors homes.

"Meals on wheels drivers who check in daily with the clients, so they'll make come back and say we need one here or two here," Moesch said. "We also have lots of folks that will call and say can I get a fan for my mother, my father." 

Senior life is not only helping keep seniors keep cool but also an integral part of keeping them safe. 

"We deliver 500 meals a day and it's not just a meal though, it's also a wellness check and sometimes for some of our seniors that meals on wheels driver is the only contact they're going to have all day with anyone so it's very very important," Moesch said.

West Texans have stepped up and done that.

"The community as you can tell has really come out in full force again this year." Moesch said.

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