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Midland family rescues dog from storm drain

Thanks to the power of social media, the Yzarra family was able to find and rescue their dog that got stuck in a storm drain.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Yzarra family is all smiles now that every member is reunited. 

This family was left panicking on Tuesday after their two dogs got out. That's when their pursuit for their pups started. 

“He goes on my bicycle; my husband goes running. I go in the car and only we find Lara I think two streets from here," said Karen Yzarra.

With their other dog Wilbur still on the loose, the children were distraught. 

"I was crying and I wish he’d sleep with me again," said their son, Gabriel.

"He’s always the captain so all the times they have escaped he’s always been in the front," said Paula, their daughter.

Karen then took to social media asking for help.

"I post the picture and my phone number. I say he has a microchip and everything. He has the tag with the number with everything but nobody called in the night," Karen aid.

Credit: Karen Yzarra

It wasn't until the next day that they received some news on Wilbur, and they were in for a surprise.

"I think four or five people called me and said 'Hey your dog's in the drain'," said Karen.

Wilbur was stuck in the storm drain up the street from the house. 

"Me and my dad came to the house and we got some ropes and a basket and we started throwing food in it and we put it down and we were hoping he’d get in and pull the rope up," said Gabriel.

After an hour, Wilbur finally made it out with only a scratch or two.

Now the Yzarra's are grateful for their neighbors who helped make their family whole again.

"I am really glad we live here right now because the people here helping a lot to find him. I think if that lady not take the time to come here knock on the door and post on Facebook then we cannot find him," said Karen.   

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