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Family and friends of Madeline Pantoja hold prayer service for her

The 20-year-old Midland girl has been missing since May 10th. As the search to find her continues, her loved ones are turning to God to help.

MIDLAND, Texas — Madeline Pantoja, a 20-year old girl from Midland, has been missing since May 10th. Her keys, phone, purse and dog were left in her apartment, and the search continues

A prayer service was held for Madeline on Wednesday night at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine and Parish in Midland, and it was an emotional night as family and friends gathered for the third straight night to pray for her. They recited the rosary during the service, and the plan is to continue to pray for her every evening at 7 P.M. at the same location until she is found. 

As the rosary was recited Wednesday evening by loved ones of Madeline, a powerful call to God was made in the hope of finding her. 

“We’re just very desperate, we’re just begging God to help us get her back home," said Karen Ramos, a best friend of Madeline. "We’re just doing whatever we can to just get the most help we can from anywhere.” 

As the days go by, they are looking for help. 

“At this point we need God," said Jasmine Hernandez, a best friend of Madeline. "We need Him to guide us through this, to guide the police through this, we need help, because it’s been six days, seven days, like we can’t keep waiting.” 

Ramos and Hernandez say hope is the only thing left to hold onto. The last week has felt constant for them as they try and find their best friend. 

“The days have just been all mushed together honestly because we’ve just been doing the same thing, we’ve just been reaching out to whoever we can reach out to, looking in the lands, fields and everywhere we can look for her," said Ramos and Hernandez. "The best word right now is just heartbroken, because we feel hopeless. There’s nothing that we can do, like it’s out of our hands and we’ve searched everywhere. We’ve passed out fliers everywhere.” 

With prayers set to continue, their efforts will remain as well. 

“If you’re watching this Maddy, just be strong," said Ramos and Hernandez. "We’re coming to get you and we’re trying our hardest to find you. Just stay strong and we will stay strong too. We just hope that you’re safe and you’re alive, and that at the end of this you’re at the end of this. You’re the light at the end of the tunnel after all of this, and we won’t stop searching ever.” 

If you have any information about Madeline’s whereabouts call the Midland Police Department at 432-685-7108. She is approximately 5' 4", 130 pounds with long dark hair. She also has two butterfly tattoos behind her right ear and a tattoo of a snake on her right arm. There is also a 'GoFundMe' for Madeline that people can contribute to. 

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