MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - An Odessa based jeweler said several people have come to him with jewelry bought at the same location only to find out what they bought was fake.

“In the last two weeks we’ve probably had about seven people come in, and that’s not a lot, but people are getting scammed for a hundred and fifty dollars, two hundred, a couple thousand,” Isy, owner of Isy’s Fine Jewelry said. “And these are just generally good people that want to help someone out in stress and need and people are just giving their hard-earned money for this.”

According to Isy, everyone comes into his shop with the same story.

“Most of the stories are people are going up to gas stations, they’re hitting people up while they’re putting gas in and they’re saying, ‘hey look, we’re out of money, we’re trying to get to El Paso, we’re trying to get to California and even Florida,’” said Isy.

The jewler suggests in the event of a scenario like this, it is best to politely turn the other cheek. If you decide to follow through with the purchase, take it to your jeweler first to test if it is real or not.

Any jeweler can use a, “key gold tester" and measure the density of gold.