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Encore Academy unveils new facility for students in Midland ISD

The Encore Academy is a part of Midland ISD's Special Services program.

MIDLAND, Texas — Thursday was an exciting day for the students, teachers and parents at the Encore Academy.

Encore Academy is a part of Midland ISD's Special Services program. The mission of the Special Services program is "to provide instructional and support services to students in special populations to ensure they have the best possible opportunity to be successful and productive students," according to their website.

The program fosters education for students with disabilities through the age of 21.

The academy debuted their fully functioning, fully decorated house that will be used to help teach the older students.

"Through public education in our high school we can only go so far and this allows opportunities for our life skills students and special needs students to get that extra bit of training and just being able to live real life," Bryan Murry, school board president said.

The house has all the amenities and tools students need to learn new things, including a washer and dryer, a kitchen and a yard.

"Laundry, cooking classes, lawn maintenance, house maintenance, grocery shopping, riding public transportation. If public transportation isn't an option, knowing how to do an Uber to get around," Encore Academy teacher Summer Telck said. "Jobs, we would like for them to get jobs and be productive members of the community."

Students will be in the house during normal school hours, working with staff that want to help them learn new skills.