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Educational leaders looking at solutions for lack of kindergarten readiness in Midland ISD

Teachers have said it, now data shows 47% of kids in Midland who go to Midland ISD schools are not ready to start kindergarten.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Teachers have said it and now data shows 47 percent of kids in Midland who go to Midland ISD schools are not ready to start kindergarten.

"Finally, numbers that tell us numbers kindergarten teachers have been telling us for several years," said Della Frye, Early Childhood Director for Midland ISD.

These are numbers district leaders aren't pleased with.

"They are not where a community as a whole with this many caring adults and caring resources should be," said Becca Myers, the Data Manager for Educate Midland.

The process of gathering the data started a year ago. 1900 kids across 26 Midland ISD schools were surveyed with the help of the Early Development Instrument.

The survey takes a look at five factors affecting a child's growth. Officials saw concern with the child's physical skills and social and emotional maturity.

"I think part of what we're seeing is a response to a screen constantly in our children's hands. They're interacting more with an electronic device in some situations than they are with other people," said Frye.

Leaders believe less screen time and more communication as a family and with other children and outdoor exercise will help bring down those statistics.

"Everyone in this community is a child's first teacher," said Meyers.

A community-wide effort is needed to make sure these children are their best selves as they grow.

Educate Midland and Midland ISD know it, now it's about bringing this point home to all families with potential kindergarteners.

"We should be working together towards the finish line and getting every child ready to succeed in school, career and citizenship," said Meyers.

However, it isn't all areas that the children are falling behind in. There are some areas in which they are excelling.

"They're doing well in their general knowledge, in how they are handling their ABC's and their numbers, way to go mom and dad, you're doing great there. The fact we just have two general areas that we need to work on is a really positive sign for us," said Frye.

Ninety-six percent of kindergarten teachers were asked to fill out a survey for each one of their students. To take a look at some of the questions they had to answer see below.