ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Starting Monday, Ector County employees will no longer be able to openly carry a firearm during their shifts.

After hearing from people in the community, county commissioners made the decision to revise the Ector County employee handbook.

“What we did today was just clarify that, while they can still conceal carry if they want to, as long as they are on the job and representing the county when they go out that we don't want them to be open carry on the job," said Greg Simmons, Ector County Commissioner.

Some Ector County residents in attendance disagreed with the decision.

“They voted five to zero to not allow this person to exercise his rights. The Constitution says the right to bear arms will not be infringed, shall not be infringed is pretty cut and clear. It shouldn't be the right to bear arms if you cover them up because some people might be sensitive. That's not what it says," said Aubrey Mayberry, Ector County resident.

Commissioners say the decision will make it easier to identify deputies and other law enforcement.

Employees of Ector County can still carry their weapon if it is concealed.