ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Crisis Center of West Texas partnered with Ector County ISD to carry out the new 12-week program, Coaching Boys Into Men.

“We’re doing a leadership character development program, which started off talking about respect," said Bowie Middle School Boys Athletic Coordinator Scott Rives. "We’ve done accountability. Today, we talked about insulting language, bullying and, eventually, we’ll get to talking about the treatment of women.”

CCWTX serves nine counties through their mission to end domestic and sexual violence.

“Giving young men information to now know, hey, this is not the right thing to do," said CCWTX reStart Coordinator Aaron Thomas. "It goes a long way, and then also having them, like, open up and have that, like, conversation with the coaches about, you know, respect and trust and consent and things of that nature. It’ll have them start thinking.”

The coach’s goals are to help develop boys into young men.

“Men don’t have an outlet to speak and talk and, you know, express their feelings, emotions and with this curriculum, it just kinda helps out as far as the coaches talking to these young men and these young men, like, letting out how they feel about certain situations,” said Thomas.

Rives makes sure his kids know they always have someone to vent to.

“Myself and my coaches have made ourselves available before school, after school for anybody that wants to talk about the things that we’re discussing through the program,” said Rives.