MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you were at the Odessa Cinergy tonight, you may have gotten the chance to see a film that touches a lot of people here in West Texas. The screening of "Fracknation" offered a perspective on fracking most don't know.

Phelim McAleer, director of "Fracknation" said, "This is more innovative than Silicon Valley. What they are doing here is just as important. It's a lot of new technology being used."

Telling his truth about fracking is why McAleer was in the Permian Basin Wednesday. McAleer spoke to the oil and gas community after the screening of his film, "Fracknation" which combats everything another film, "Gasland" had to say about fracking.

"I felt it was important for people to know that fracking doesn't make your water go on fire. Fracking doesn't pollute the water supply and that's a scientific proven fact. Fracking has not made people have eczema. It doesn't make you sick," said McAleer.

McAleer and his crew spent 18 months on the film and gathered research from all over the world. The filmmaker says even though he has no ties to the oil and gas industry, its all about getting the right information out.

"People here are too busy working and producing oil and gas to know what lies other people are telling them. I'm coming at this from a different point of view," said McAleer.

Most importantly, McAleer hopes a film like this will push the oil and gas community here in West Texas to join a national conversation.

"There's a whole dialogue in America which I think the people in Midland are not a part of. They need to be a part of that dialogue. They need to get out of their bubble and communicate with the vast number of Americans who don't know what their industry does and who are only getting one side of the story," said McAleer.

The screening was hosted by Texas Tech's School of Law Energy Law program.