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Disturbing details revealed on Midland I.S.D. basketball trip

Two Goddard Junior High School coaches have been arrested following disturbing details involving a bus trip from Bonham Junior High to Midland on Thurs., Jan. 26.
Irving Gomez (Source: Midland County Detention Center)
Rogelio Gutierrez (Source: Midland County Detention Center)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Two Goddard Junior High School coaches and four Midland I.S.D. students have been arrested following disturbing details involving a bus trip from Bonham Junior High to Midland on Thurs., Jan. 26.

Irving Gomez and Rogelio Gutierrez are charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence. During a meeting Monday night, Midland I.S.D. decided to terminate Gomez and Gutierrez.

According to the arrest affidavit, two students were sexually targeted repeatedly during the bus ride.

The report stated that the student's behavior got out of control as they began grabbing and pinning each other. All the while, according to the report, Gutierrez was looking at his cell phone and Gomez was driving the bus.

According the report, the coaches could be heard saying, "Quit humping back there" and calling out to the boys to, "Chill out" and, "{expletive} sit down!"

The report further stated that one student on the bus could be clearly heard saying, "help me."

At one point, the report stated, the interior bus lights were turned on and the students returned to their seats but the coaches didn't address the behavior. As the light was turned off, the students misbehavior began again.

The report stated that students "ganged up" on each of the two boys and students were recording the behavior on their cell phones.

According to the report, four students were also seen grabbing one of the students and had simulated sex as he cried out and Gutierrez does nothing to address the problem. One student is overheard saying, "We {expletive} the {expletive} out of you."

The report stated that during the incident, Gutierrez stated that if anyone reported the incident, "today would be the last game." Gomez was also heard as saying it would be their last day in athletics as both coaches first concern was "self-preservation." The report added that instead of getting the student help or reporting the incident, they began to make plans to cover the incident up.

According to the report, the students began laughing and Gutierrez reprimanded them by saying "Aint funny. Y'all better not put this on social media!" He also told them to take it off if it was already on. Gutierrez is heard saying that, "he wasn't going to jail for any of you {expletive}."

According to the report, once the bus stopped at Goddard, the coaches told the students to erase any videos and not to tell their parents or any other members of the team because "{expletive} can {expletive} all y'all up." Gutierrez then said, "if no one says {expletive}, it's gone."

The report stated that once the coaches had dismissed any of the students who weren't involved, he told the students that were involved to tell their parents they were being held on the bus because of an investigation of a fight. Even Gutierrez was heard saying to tell their parents they were having a team meeting.

According to the report, before leaving the bus, the two students were asked if they were going to tell anyone about the incident. With all the students involved still on the bus, the students replied no and with the entire bus staring at them, they said that they felt it was horseplay.

Gomez is an eighth-grade science teacher and boy's athletic coach at Goddard. There is no information at this time as to what classes Gutierrez taught.

No word yet on the names of the students that were arrested.

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