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Deputies spend off days rebuilding porch for West Odessa woman

It started as a call to remove snakes from under a woman's porch and ended with an act of kindness from deputies.

ODESSA, Texas — Protect and serve…

and build a brand new porch.

This was the mission for two patrol shift deputies at the Ector County Sheriff’s Office.

“Lt. Blake found a need while out on patrol,” Deputy James Grissom said.

Over the weekend, Sheriff Mike Griffis says a few deputies were called out to a home in West Odessa to get rid of a few snakes living under a woman’s porch.

The task proved to be more complicated than originally thought. The snakes weren’t budging because of how the current porch was built.

“Lt. Brandon Blake approached me with the idea of getting that porch solidified,” Grissom said in a Facebook video posted Tuesday afternoon. “It just happens to be something in my wheelhouse that I know how to do.”

Grissom has experience building decks and construction. A group of shift two deputies got the materials they needed and got to work.

“These men spent their off days doing something for a stranger,” Sheriff Griffis said.

Credit: KWES

The woman that lives in the home, Dorothy Hunt, doesn’t have any family in the area.

“Dorothy is such a sweetheart and we knew we needed to help her out,” Grissom said.

The patrolmen worked all day Monday and Tuesday to rebuild the porch ramp and while also removing the snakes.

“Shift two is full of amazing leaders like Lt. Blake,” Grissom said. “I’m so happy that I get to be part of something like this.”