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Crane County leaders ready for first day of early voting

Alexa Lopez, Chief Deputy Clerk for Crane County, said the Crane County Clerk's Office has tested voting equipment and is ready to receive voters on Monday.

CRANE, Texas — The primary election is fast approaching. The first day of early voting is February 14.

That means there are some dates that you have to be aware as we approach election day, no matter if you are planning to vote in person or by mail.

Newswest 9 spoke with Alexa Lopez, Chief Deputy Clerk for Crane County. She said people at the Crane County Clerk's Office are getting ready for the first day of early voting.

"We were just trying to test all the machines and make sure everything matched in our systems," said Lopez. "This week we got everything downloaded down to the machines so that way when early voting starts in Monday morning, we are ready to go."

Lopez said Crane County is smaller than other places in the state so wait times won't be as long. However, she recommends people to have their photo ID in hand to make the process quicker.

"At times, we don't have a wait at all and then there are times we do have a wait, it just varies," said Lopez. "Normally we don't have a very long wait because this is a small county. The longest is probably 5 to 10 minutes."

Lopez said that no matter where you live, knowing what is on the ballot is encouraged.

"Do your research on things like the propositions," said Lopez. "The propositions are just in the Republican ballot for example. This ballot just wants to see how community reacts and how they would vote on them if they were to actually become a law."

Carolyn Graves, the Elections Administrator for Midland County, also encourages for Midland residents to see what is on the ballot before heading to vote.

"We have our generic ballot online," said Graves. "You can study it and make your choices. We encourage everyone to go online to our website and print it off, which ever ballot that you will be voting. Do your research from there."

Election officials want to remind people there are a few dates to keep in mind. The deadline to submit an application for ballot by mail is February 18.

Early voting begins on February 14th and ends on February 25th. The primary election will be on March 1st.

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