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Couple performs singing 'Truck-o-Grams' after their tour was canceled

The two have been performing for people in Odessa and Midland to help provide some joy during these hard times.

ODESSA, Texas — COVID-19 is forcing people to get creative after jobs were lost, events were canceled and 

One couple is spreading joy through town from the back of their truck after their tour got canceled.

The engaged pair pack up their guitars and play for people in their front yards. 

They call them 'Truck-O-Grams'. 

"We figured we'd just stand there and see if we could play the acoustics really loud," said Gabe. 

Gabe and Ashley take requests from people who want to hear them play and then drive by during the evenings and put on a front yard concert. 

"I didn't quite realize how much joy and fulfillment I was going to get out of it," said Gabe. 

The pair doesn't charge people to come play for them either. 

When Ash and Gabe pull up, families they play for can enjoy the music from a safe distance on their driveway or yard. The musicians don't want to encourage crowds and are practicing safe social distancing.

The two travel around Midland and Odessa playing for donations only, just because they love to share their music. 

They even performed some special concerts for Mother's Day.

If you're interested in following this duo's adventures or want to reach out and have them play for you, you can visit their Facebook page. 


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