Controversial Article Gets Newspaper Pulled
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A controversial article in the Big Spring High School newspaper ends with the journalism teacher calling it quits.

The topic of trouble, an editorial written by a student on legalizing marijuana. The paper was pulled but not everyone thinks, it was such a big deal. They say they should have run.

The final edition of the school paper for 2010 was pulled from the shelves just hours after it was printed after school officials found out about the editorial. Bill Riggs, the former journalism teacher, told NewsWest 9 the paper has an approval process before it even goes to the printer.

He signs off on it, then it goes to the principal for his okay, but somehow the principal didn't get to see it. 1,300 copies of The Corral were printed and distributed.

When word got around about the editorial, school officials decided to pull it from the racks saying the article was inappropriate. Residents NewsWest 9 talked to about the editorial say killing the final paper of the year was not the best idea.

"All students should be able to voice their opinion," Big Spring Resident, Jerry Dalemoore, said.

 "They have their right to speak out," Big Spring Resident, Jairo Monroe, said.

"It's a peer situation, I think they should be able to write what they want," Big Spring Resident, Lisa Trejo, said.

"They tell you that they want us to have a comfortable environment to go to school and get and education and stuff. They don't allow us to express ourselves the way we want to express we are basically caving in to what they want," Big Spring High School Senior, Jeremy Langford, said.

Bill Riggs turned in his resignation on Friday morning because of the difference in opinion over the editorial. He says he didn't want the journalism program to suffer.

He declined to comment on camera.

Big Spring superintendent Steven Saldivar did confirm the resignation but didn't want to comment any more on the issue.

One of the students told NewsWest 9, the last paper of the year is full of ads bought by parents to congratulate students on a good year.