ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - For almost two hours, West Texas residents got the chance to talk to their congressman about any issues or concerns they may have coming from capitol hill. From the Russian investigation, to health care, and even the nuclear waste storage in Andrews, nothing was off the table.

Congressman Mike Conaway said, "It's terrific. Spirited conversations everybody was generally respectful of each other and tried to listen to each other. I certainly tried to listen."

Those conversations were started by the people of the Permian Basin like Lucy Thames and her 14 year-old-son Ethan.

"We live in Midland but Congressman Conaway has not had a town hall in Midland. We've been watching for one closer to us. This was the first time there was one within an hour's drive," Lucy.

At the Andrews Senior Activity Center, Congressman Conaway talked about the health care bill and listened to the concerns some residents have about the changes to it.

"We're trying to move towards something where we can in fact lower premiums, put in place plans that people can actually buy and use at the doctors to get the health care that they need," said Conaway.

The congressman also talked about the Russia investigation which he is leading. With a committee of 11 Republicans and 9 Democrats, Conaway told the community he wants to do a thorough job especially after the firing of FBI director, James Comey.

"It came as a surprise. I misunderstood. I thought he had a 10-year fixed term and could not be fired, that's clearly not the case. He serves at the pleasure of the President and the President fired him because he lost confidence in him," said Conaway.

Many believe if there was something going on with Russia then it becomes a matter of national security which is one of the reasons Lucy Thames wanted to come.

"Our country has become very partisan and divided and it concerns me that we need to have a single report in the end that everybody believes and understands what it says and what the outcome is," said Lucy.

For Ethan, he wanted to hear Congressman Conaway's thoughts on the environment and the dangers it faces.

"It was a disappointment that Congressman Conaway, when I asked about climate change blatantly denied that humans were contributing to climate change which worries me because while his generation isn't going to feel the most major effects, my generation will," said Ethan.

The congressman tried to answer every question and Thames says asking tough questions shows the people just wanting to see their elected officials being held accountable.

"This is the most important thing we can do when we have a democracy," said Lucy.