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Community members react to Midland Christian arrests

A former Midland Christian student talked about her thoughts on the situation. Due to the sensitivity of the incident she's chosen to remain anonymous.

MIDLAND, Texas — A community still in shock-there are plenty of reactions about the hazing, the arrests and the investigation that involved multiple students and five Midland Christian staff.

NewsWest 9 spoke with a former Midland Christian student about her thoughts. Due to the sensitivity of the incident, she's chosen to remain anonymous.

"I can't imagine what the student and even his family is feeling right now," said the woman.

Many people expressing their feelings on social media about the incident that happened at Midland Christian School.

On the NewsWest 9 Facebook page, one parent saying quote: 

"That poor student is traumatized for life. Parents send our children to school and expect them to be looked after and protected."

The woman who spoke to NewsWest 9 said that parents should not have to worry about the safety of their children. She said she did not feel unsafe when she was in school.

"Parents should feel safe sending there children to school," said the woman. "It doesn't matter if it's during or after school hours like for people who do a sport or extracurricular. I felt safe when I was a student years ago, but there are so many things that you don't see." 

The woman said that this incident is a call for change.

"I just hope for more accountability and transparency," said the woman. "This should not be happening."

There's still plenty of questions to answer in the coming days and weeks, including the employment status of the five who were arrested.

NewsWest 9 reached out to MCS Board President Jason Stockstill to ask about the future employment of these five, as well as who is in charge of the school in Lee's absence or if an interim superintendent has been selected.

At this time, we have still not heard back from Stockstill.

All five staff members have been released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond as of Thursday.

As for the baseball team, we do know that the team will be shut down until March 1. This means there will be no practices or games until then.

Phillip Hall will be the interim coach until further notice as he is the only full-time baseball coach at the school right now.

While Midland Police confirmed one juvenile was arrested in connection to the incident, staff at the school has not been able to answer if any other players will be punished or if MCS will chance any of their policies or procedures for their athletic teams.

Stay with NewsWest 9 as we work to bring you the information on these unanswered questions.

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