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Common causes of water main breaks

According to Hydra-Stop, there are multiple reasons why a water main can break.
Credit: NewsWest 9

ODESSA, Texas — As Odessans deal with a lack of water due to a water main break, here are a list of the most common reasons this can occur.


Some materials can expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. Over time this can stress and weaken water mains.

Excavation Work

Water mains can be near each other and even overlap with other lines. This makes it easy for utility crews to accidentally burst a water main.


Not all water mains are made from the same material and some materials are more likely to wear down over time.


Older water mains are more likely to fail, regardless of what material they are made of or how they were constructed.

Pressure Changes

Extreme changes in pressure can also stress a water system. This includes both surges and drops in pressure.

Information provided by Hydra-Stop.

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