ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa code enforcement officers are spending their week going house to house in Lawndale neighborhood the enforcing code violations.

If you stop to look around, you'll probably notice some eyesores in your neighborhood.

They're more than eyesores though, they're city code violations.

"Mow their lawns, anything 12 inches or above, remove junk vehicles, the list goes on and on," said Darlene Mays with Odessa's Code Enforcement Department. "They don't know that if you put things in your alley and not place them in the dumpster. They don't know that that's a violation of city codes. They aren't aware if you if you have inoperable vehicles, junk vehicles on your property that that's against city ordinance."

The city of Odessa is aiming to make a change in the town though, by informing their residents.

"We have a big block party," said Mays.

The party is to celebrate being informed and their neighborhood looking clean.

"We have games, we have activities, entertainment, food, food galore! and everything is free" said Mays.

But when things are free, someone has to pay for it... in this case, its the city.

The city believes that these parties are an investment to the city.

"Well it makes our city safer and cleaner to live in," said Mays.

Quarterly, the city of Odessa will continue to pick neighborhoods to clean up and celebrate with a block party until they’ve done every district in the city.