MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Crews from the City of Midland’s Transportation department were out on the morning of January 2 to treat slick and icy roads.

Its a routine that the department carries out anytime temperatures dip below freezing.

Officials tell us the city has four trucks that have the equipment needed to spread ice melting chemicals.

“We have more than 600 miles of roadway here in Midland, so we can just not simply treat it all,” said Gabe Mcclelland, the city’s Transportation manager.

With limited capabilities, the city also has a particular routine to how they treat roads when freezing conditions set in.

Officials say there focus is on high volume arterial roads, such as Midland Drive, Midkiff, and Big Spring. Though even when treating these roads officials tell us the entire length of the road is not treated, rather accident prone areas like intersections and the few hundred feet leading up to them.

Bridges and overpasses are also high priority.

Though with only high priority areas capable of being treated, many stretches of road remain untreated. Which is why officials stress that drivers slow down and drive with extreme caution.

Officials tell us it’s important to note that just because a road has been pre-treated or re-actively treated. That does not guarantee that the road will not freeze.