by Justin KreeNewsWest 9

MARFA- After almost a week, the small community of Marfa is still in shock after the sudden death of 14-year-old Andrew Madrid. The funeral was held on Saturday. His family says they will miss his jokes and the community will miss his athletic talent.

"He was really well liked by the community. He did a lot of good things for a lot of people. He was very sympathetic and an all around guy. A great athlete," Cousin, Nicholas Ibarra, said.

Andrew was playing soccer with his friends last Sunday when the teen suddenly collapsed. On Saturday, St Mary's Catholic Church in Marfa was packed. People had to stand outside to pay their respects. The grieving family still can't believe he's gone.

"Shock of course. Disbelief. He's too young to be gone. He still had a full life ahead of him," Cousin, Lori Flores, said.

Members of the Marfa J.V. Football team were there to send Andrew on his final journey. Marfa knew him as a smart teen in school and a great athlete. His family knew him best.

"An amazing person to have a conversation with. You could talk about anything and everything in the world," Nicholas Ibarra said.

"Everything about him. He was funny. It's just hard," Cousin, Jacqueline Ibarra, said.

"He was very lovable. He was probably the nicest person you would ever meet," Cousin, Samantha Cobos, said.

Andrew's Godmother hopes his peers will never forget him.

"I'm hoping that the kids will take just a little bit of him and grow with that because he had a lot to give," Godmother, Laura Brugette, said.

A family and a town will now start the healing process after the tears and hugs from Saturday's funeral mass.