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City of Big Spring issues a Declaration of Local Disaster

This order will help conserve and restore the Big Spring water treatment and distribution systems
Credit: Trip Advisor, mybigspring.com

BIG SPRING, Texas — The City of Big Spring has issued a Declaration of  Local Disaster. 

This will help the ongoing repair and restoration efforts of the Big Spring water treatment and distribution system. 

The Mayor of the city of Big Spring, Shannon D. Thomason, wants all residents and businesses to follow specific water conservation practices to help the city. 

First, Thomason wants all residents to use water for basic health and hygiene purposes for yourself and your pets. She suggests you do not wash vehicles, plants or lawns. 

Next,  for businesses, Thomason wants them to take the right steps to maximize water conservation. Water used only be used for basic health and hygiene purposes. 

Lastly, Thomason says that water reliant businesses can operate and use an appropriate amount of water. This includes laundromats and car washes.