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Chief Deputy Rory McKinney responds to wiretapping lawsuit

McKinney posted the statement on his Facebook page.

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — Chief Deputy Rory McKinney has responded to the lawsuit filed against him.

McKinney posted this statement on his Facebook page, "Rory McKinney for Midland County Sheriff Campaign":

"As you may know, a civil lawsuit was filed against me last week.

While I recognize the freedom our country provides for people to petition our courts to correct wrongs, I categorically deny any wrongdoing in this matter. Because of the pending litigation I must follow my counsel's advice and thus, cannot address the allegations or my response at this time. 

However, I can say I am confident that the voters of Midland County are smart enough to recognize the timing of this lawsuit against me is more than just a coincidence, especially since the plaintiff had the information had the information about which she complains in her possession for more than four months before she filed.

Again, filing the case on the first day of early voting speaks volumes as to the true motives of plaintiff. I look forward to timely responding to the complaint and my day in court."

I wholeheartedly thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Midland County is also included in the lawsuit, which claimed MCSO employees had been involved in illegal wiretapping and listening to other employee's phone calls.

The lawsuit was filed on February 18, but the suit claims the wiretapping had been taking place since at least March 2019 and could go back even farther.

McKinney is running for the office of Midland County Sheriff against David Criner, Tom Hain and Joe Lozano. 

Early voting ends February 28 and Election Day is March 3.

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this story as it develops.


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