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Chick-fil-A in Midland helps employee ask date to prom with big promposal

Kaleb Nance received some help from his job to ask his friend Shelby Matthews to their prom at Greenwood High School.

MIDLAND, Texas — Kaleb Nance and Shelby Matthews are both Juniors at Greenwood High School. When prom was soon approaching, Kaleb knew he wanted to ask Shelby, he just had to think of how he was going to ask her. 

After brainstorming and looking up different ideas, he thought about letting his place of work, Chick-fil-A, play a role in the promposal. So he asked his managers at the restaurant if they could help him out. 

"It doesn't hurt to ask to put it up there and they said 'yea' and they put it up there for me and here we are," Nance said.

There on the marquee of the Chick-fil-A on Andrews Highway in black letters for everyone to see read: 'Shelby will you be my "chick" for prom?'

Now all he had to do was get Shelby to see it.

"He's calling me like we're gonna go eat and I'm like I have to work and he's like I don't care, we're gonna have to figure out a way. So we get here and I'm like what are we doing and would not have noticed until he was like look over there. I felt so bad didn't even notice, I was like oh my gosh that's so cool that he thought about that and did all that," Shelby Matthews said.

The two have been best friends their whole lives so she says she was happy to go with him. 

"We been best friends our whole life," Matthews said. "Our families are super close, we've been so close since we were little. It's awesome getting to go with your best friend, so they were so happy with it."

As for anyone that is nervous or hesitant about asking someone to prom, Nance has some advice: "Don't be scared to do it, it works out usually."

Matthews was glad she could go to prom with Nance. "What better way to go to prom than with your best friend?" Matthews said. 

Credit: Kaleb Nance

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