ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Card cloning is starting to become a trend in the Permian Basin and when you're caught in the act, you can bet Odessa Crimestoppers are looking for you. Credit card cloning is a new technique where someone gets your credit card details, copies them onto a card, and uses it to make purchases.

"There is a man in there buying a GPS," said Susan Rogers, with Odessa Crimestoppers. "The credit card receipt shows the numbers to this lady's credit card so we know it was a cloned card and that is what investigators are telling us."

At least he wasn't "clonely" during this purchase. You'll see two Hispanic males who will turn out to be persons of interest.

"Two Hispanic males that come up and talk to our suspect," said Rogers. "They all act like they're together , so investigators are interested in who our suspect is and who the two people are that are with him."

As "bacloney" as all of this is, Odessa Crimestoppers want to make sure you are aware of the possibility of someone making an exact replica of your credit card.

"Check your account, look at your purchases and the charges that are on there and if something doesn't seem right, check it out right away," said Rogers. "Get it to investigators so we can get it stopped and find out if that's what happened to your card."

After all the best way to stop a charging bull is to take away his credit card.

"We want to warn people and we'd like to see if we could put a stop to it," said Rogers.