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Cats, dogs adopted ahead of the holidays

Fix West Texas held a Holiday Hope Adoption event to get pets to their forever homes and to get animals in the community vaccinated

MIDLAND, Texas — Cats and dogs alike were adopted today and many more came out to support Fix West Texas and their efforts to save, nurture and spread love to animals all throughout the Permian Basin.

There was also an opportunity to take photos with The Grinch, with donations going strait to the non-profit.

"It's been so fun to see all of the cute pets some of them are in costume and seeing how they respond to the Grinch some of the dogs are interested in meeting the Grinch." said Katlyn Walthall, Director of Fundraising and Community Outreach for Fix West Texas.

The event was held to get pets adopted that might not have found a home otherwise.

"A lot of these dogs were saved from the euthanasia list at the shelter so its either they get adopted or you know who knows what will happen to them, a lot of these dogs are amazing dogs but they're strays and showed up on somebody's property and they're great with kids and they're great with other dogs and they just need to find a home." said Walthall.

All the money from todays shoot goes strait to West Texas to help keep animals in our community healthy.

Credit: NW 9

"Fix West Texas' goal is to prevent euthanasia in the shelter by reducing shelter intake so the more animals we can keep out of the shelter by preventing unwanted pregnancy, that's going to decrease the euthanasia rate in midland same with vaccines, Parvo and Bordetella they're bad here so if we vaccinate out pets that builds up immunity over time." said Walthall.

And plenty of cats and dogs got to meet their new families, just in time for the holidays.

"6 or 7 adoptions so far of our dogs so it's really good to get these dogs out and I think the biggest thing was having them come and meet the dogs because you can see them online all you want, but coming out and meeting them and seeing their personality is really how we get them out and adopted." said Walthall.

Even people who didn't want to adopt came out and showed their support.

"We can always count on our community to come through, you guys really support us all the time and we really appreciate it we've had a lot of people come in who aren't interested in adopting or anything today but still want to shop and support us and take some photos I think anything we can get with people coming out it really helpful for us." said Walthall.

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