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Bush Convention Center unveils life-sized sculpture of former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush

The famous couple impacted Midland and was also impacted by the Tall City, with the sculpture a symbol of the affection they had for each other.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Bush Convention Center in downtown Midland was opened a little over three years ago, and Monday night, a special addition was placed inside the building. 

The new feature on the first floor of the building is absolutely amazing. 

The Midland Chamber of Commerce unveiled a life-sized sculpture of former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, and it is truly a work of art.

“Con afecto” is spanish for “with love”, and it sits at the base of the new life-sized sculpture of George and Barbara Bush.

The sculpture itself makes it all the more fitting, with the affection the famous couple showed during their life together evident and immortalized forever.

“Cause I always knew that they were a very loving couple, very affectionate, very communicative with each other, and they liked to go on walks together," said sculptor David Deming. "So I posed them as if they were walking and talking, and i hope that people feel the warmth of them as they’re looking at each other and having that chat.”

Deming said he wanted to keep it casual because Midland is a casual place. 

The couple has strong ties with the Tall City, which certainly makes this an obvious place to recognize them.

“Well I think this is the perfect place for a sculpture of the former president," said Bobby Burns, President & CEO of the Midland Chamber of Commerce. "They lived here, they understood Midland, they liked Midland. I think Midland had great affection for the Bush’s, we’ve named this convention center after the president, so it’s a totally appropriate place – right in the center of our convention center – to have a life-sized sculpture of the first lady and the president.” 

The couple’s impact reached well beyond West Texas, but that does not take away from the significance they still had on Midland.

“Well I don’t think anyone can overstate the significance of being the hometown of George and Barbara Bush, and also of their children, and what he’s meant to our community, and how he has spread the values of Midland, Texas around the country and around the globe," said Midland Mayor Patrick Payton. 

Midland certainly had an impact on the Bush’s as well, with Burns saying that the character and sense of right and wrong was always present within them. 

Mayor Payton also said that it is special for this community to be able to unveil a sculpture like this, and that it is a great honor for Midland. 

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