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Bully Beds Inc. is raising money for a new shelter for their dogs

Bully Beds is one of the non-profits that will be receiving help through Jordan's Way.

ANDREWS, Texas — Gibbs is just one of the dogs looking for a forever home at Bully Beds Incorporated and thanks to Greg Clark he may be able to find one. 

However, Clark is in need of some help himself. After taking care of these animals for so long, he has been planning for them to have a newly-made shelter. 

"We'll house all of our dogs where they're more protected from the elements...it's snake proof because the dogs get bit, I've been bit, we're trying to make sure they all stay a little safer," says Clark.

This new area will still be on Clark's premise, just on higher ground. With the recent weather, most of where they are housed now was underwater. 

"My land is a low area and I couldn't get in and I couldn't get out of my house for quite a while," says Clark. "Couldn't mow, couldn't take care of anything other than basics, so now we're trying to play catch-up and get it all back up to par."

With Bully Beds being one of the animal shelters being selected by Jordan's Way, he hopes they can finally finish up the building of the shelter for these pups. 

"As soon as the funds are brought in to the event, we already have contractors ready to go so as soon as the funds are there, I mean, we will call them and as soon as they have an opening it'll get started," says Clark. 

Bully Beds will be having their virtual fundraiser with Jordan's Way on July 15 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

NewsWest 9 will also be presenting a check to Bully Beds thanks to our parent company. The Tegna Foundation provides grant money to non-profits that serve the greater good of our communities. 


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