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Bully Beds dog rescue gets back on its feet in Andrews

The dog rescue Bully Beds has relocated from Midland to Andrews.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The dog rescue Bully Beds has relocated from Midland to Andrews.

The move comes after the organization was given a compliance deadline in 2018, and subsequently denied a kennel permit on January 8.

After city council denied the organization’s request, Bully Beds had less than a month to get into compliance.

Despite the setback, the organization which provides homes for dozens of homeless and unwanted animals wasn’t ready to abandon their mission. After council’s decision, Bully Beds owner Greg Clark sought out to acquire property outside of Midland city limits and ended up with a 7-acre lot in Andrews.

In the following weeks, Clark broke down his dozens of large kennels from his Midland property and rebuilt his kennel facility in Andrews.

“It’s just so much more peaceful out here and its a load off my shoulders,” said Clark.

Now more than 30 of the dogs Bully Beds cares for are cared for and comfortable in their new Andrews home.

Clark and his wife say they have now reduced their animal population at their Midland property to code compliance. Though, they’re still waiting for a buyer for their property.

Clark also admits that he may be facing legal trouble due to his property coming into compliance until three days after deadline, but he’s hoping to work things out with city prosecutor.

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