MIDLAND, Texas — Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings a number of events to the Permian Basin, but City Of Midland Aquatics gives back to survivors and those going through treatment every single day of the year.

Simply walking in the water is a health breakthrough for many. 

"It keeps me moving," Arvis Smith, breast cancer survivor.

Smith is just one of the many survivors that religiously turn to water, for rehab and recovery.

"The physical part of it is that they're increasing flexibility, range of motion, they're getting endurance. Being in the water also helps with lymphedema," said Rita Simmons Aquatic Recreational Therapist. "The warm water also decreases their fear and gives them relaxation. We have several of our members who are survivors of breast cancer some are having treatments currently."

"I can see a change if I don't come," said Smith.

By that Smith says if she gets in a bad habit of not coming often, she can feel her muscles start to stiffen and doing everyday things, like walking, becomes increasingly painful.

"Many times after surgery they tend to have weakness in the shoulder chest and back. And so water exercise helps gain strength, it helps with posture deviations that they may have. Frozen shoulders are also a symptom."

Joint problems are no fun for anyone, but Smith says she is blessed to still be here. It is all thanks to being up to speed with her health checkups.

"Well I got my mammograms every year and that's when they found it. They had just found it in my daughter and she was just turning 50, that was a scare. And then my other daughter came down with it. My third daughter is still clear," said Smith. 

But luckily they are catching it early.

"That's it, catching it early. That's the main thing right there. Get your mammograms," said Smith.

If she had not, she may not be here today. But Smith now has a message for all of us.

"Our health is the most important thing we have if we don't take care of that, we don't have anything," said Smith.

October 7 through 11 COM Aquatics is giving back.

If you have history with breast cancer, or are currently fighting it, they're allowing a waive to visitor passes in exchange for a $10 donation, to "Pink the Basin."

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