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Breaking Bread Kitchen serves dinner while grocery stores struggle to restock their shelves

Director of Breaking Bread Kitchen Mari Sykes doesn't know how many more people they will expect to feed, but they are preparing for a lot more.

MIDLAND, Texas — For those struggling to get groceries from the grocery store, dinner and even breakfast can be found at the Breaking Bread Kitchen. 

There will be fewer volunteers working to limit person-to-person contact. The dining hall will also be closed, which means that people will have to come and take meals to-go. 

"We don’t really have the manpower at the moment to try and go out to neighborhoods and to distribute food but we’re really hoping that people will just know that we’re still here and that we’re willing to feed anybody that comes and they can count on us at least for dinner and for breakfast," said Mari Sykes, Director of Breaking Bread Kitchen.

Credit: NewsWest 9
Breaking Bread Kitchen serves dinner to everyone in need from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m..

With schools shutting down on top of the normal group of people the kitchen serves, Breaking Bread Kitchen is preparing to serve a lot of meals.

" I placed a huge order of fresh food, and we have a lot of non-perishables that are coming in today. We’re prepared for whatever shows up tonight for however many people need to eat with us tonight. But we have no idea what to expect," said Sykes.

If you would like to donate to help keep Breaking Bread running you can click here or buy one of their needed items on their Amazon wishlist.


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