Big Spring Police Make Big Drug Bust
Big Spring Police Make Big Drug Bust
Big Spring Police Make Big Drug Bust
Big Spring Police Make Big Drug Bust
By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A big bust at a Big Spring Motel has landed five people in jail. The bust went down Tuesday night, just before 10:30 PM at the Deluxe Inn, on the 400 block on North Gregg.

Police told NewsWest 9 the arrest is the result of an investigation into crack cocaine being sold at the motel. Four of the people arrested are from North Texas, one of the suspects lives in Big Spring. All five are now behind bars with bonds ranging from 2,500 to 17,000 dollars.

Officers said Tuesday night's drug bust in Big Spring is all thanks to their new Narcotics Division. And police added since the city council's approving the creation of the division a couple of months ago, they're already starting to see the results.

"A lot of drugs," said Sergeant Tony Everett on Wednesday, on the drugs seized by Big Spring Police.

A lot of drugs is right. Try an ounce of Marijuana, 69 units of ecstasy, and nearly a pound of crack-cocaine. In addition, the new Narcotics Unit found nearly 13,000 dollars in cash.

"We've had no narcotics unit for a couple of years now, and of course, when you don't have a narcotics unit, you see an influx in drug trafficking. But we've been so shorthanded, and we were lucky to be able to fill these positions. And they've been up and running. They've made several cases now, and this being one of them," said Sgt. Everett.

And Police say the motel has been under investigation for the past month. And while police won't give the details about their investigation, they say there's a number of ways they can tell if drugs are in the area.

"There are several ways. Most of the time, it is tips or one of the patrol officers will see something and let the narcotics officers know. There are dozens of ways of getting the information," explained Sgt. Everett.

But are drugs that big of a problem in Big Spring?

"It's not worse than anywhere else. All of West Texas is experiencing the same thing. You know, there are drugs out there," Sgt. Everett said.

And that's why Big Spring Police are trying to do something to stop it. And they said their new narcotics division is already helping.