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Big Spring police conducting internal investigation following video posted to social media

The Big Spring Police Department is conducting an internal investigation after a video was posted to social media.

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The Big Spring Police Department (BSPD) is investigating one of their own. That's after a video of the officer went viral on social media. The video shows the officer arresting a woman and dragging her toward the back of a police car.

It happened Saturday, it's unknown what the woman was arrested for. By the time the video starts it shows the woman handcuffed and on the ground already but Marcos Chavera and Teresa Sanchez saw it all happen before they hit the record button.

"He told her to put her stuff on the hood, she took a step back and said no. Right when she did that, he just grabbed her and pretty much took her to the ground," said Chavera. "He started trying to handcuff her, she was on the phone the whole time. After he did cuff her, he called for back up already."

A second video shows back up did eventually arrive but Chavera said the woman had already been dragged by the first officer on the scene. Chavera and Sanchez could hear the woman screaming several different things.

"I'm pregnant, you're hurting my arms, you broke my wrist," said Sanchez. "He turned her arm up pretty bad when he was trying to get her second arm behind her," said Chavera.

The viral Facebook video got around to BSPD, the officer in the video is being investigated. We stopped by the police department and left without answers. BSPD said they are not commenting any further. The video has mixed reactions on social media. Sanchez said she's gotten personal attacks but she feels recording the incident was the right thing to do.

"I don't think it was right the way she was being treated, nobody should be treated like that," said Sanchez. "It was awful seeing her being dragged like that especially in all that gravel and rocks."

Specific details about the incident are very limited. BSPD said their investigation is ongoing, no word on when it will wrap up.