BIG SRING, TX (KWES) - The community of Big Spring is stepping up to help federal workers have a meal and meet other needs.

"I feel it was my responsibility to help them because we are a big family not just at the prison, but in the town all together,” Shiloh Salazar, said.

Salazar’s father was a correctional officer, and now struggles with not knowing where many of her friends and family will get their next meal, or their paycheck.

Even if the shut-down were to end in the next few days, workers would still have to go without pay for a while.

“It doesn’t happen as soon as the government opens up, they still have to wait until their respective payroll happens before their next paycheck," Salazar said.

Restaurants like The Mayo Sauce in downtown Big Spring are offering federal workers to come and eat for free.

This is a part of their pay it forward board, where anyone hungry can grab a post-it-note.

Big Spring community helps federal workers with free meals, donations

"I ask if you buy a sticky note you write something inspirational in the front and stick it on the bottom half of the board, so those are actually to be used and then when you take advantage one. I ask that you write a simply thank you note in return,” said Brandi Mayo, owner of The Mayo sauce.

Others are still in need and donations are still being accepted.

“The biggest thing we have been asked for is toiletries, toilet paper, tooth paste, um—shampoo and conditioner, diapers, formula, dog and cat food, cat litter,” Salazar, said.

Big Spring community helps federal workers with free meals, donations

“If there is anybody out there hungry, I have the opportunity to feed them. God has blessed me with this and I don’t mind sharing,” Mayo said.

If you are interested in helping, call Shiloh Salazar at 432-466-5277.