Big Spring City Council Looking to Ban Synthetic Marijuana
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It's been a growing trend across the country including right here in West Texas. K-2 , K-3 and Salvia are ways to get high legally, but it's sending more kids across the Basin to emergency rooms and that's caught the eye of authorities in Big Spring. Now they're teaming up with city officials to put a stop to it.

Many use the substances because its legal and it doesn't appear on a drug test. The Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration are taking action conducting research and regulatory processes. But Big Spring decided that they weren't going to wait, they wanted to get these substances off their shelves in a hurry.

"We have had a couple of our young people go to the hospital because of K2 and K3 and its adverse affects," Police Chief Lonnie Smith with the Big Spring Police Department, said.

The products are marked as herbal incense but in most cases they are smoked and according to local drug experts synthetic marijuana provides the same effect as pot but it's 10 times stronger. Causing vomiting, panic attacks and other side effects. This is enough for police and Big Spring city officials to try take a stand.

"The city attorney drafted up a proposed ordinance making it illegal," Smith said.

If this new ordinance passes, it will give the police the authority to put anyone in the slammer if they're caught with any of these substances.

"Prohibits it being sold, bought, used or possessed in the city of Big Spring," Smith said.