MIDLAND, Texas — With daily sorting and weekly trips to the Midland Citizen's Collection Station, Rick Reese makes sure to recycle the right way.

Not everyone has the same compassion or discipline as Reese though, and that's why city officials are making changes.

"We are only going to have two recycle collection areas, The Citizen's Collection Station and Butts Recycling," announced Jerry Morales, the mayor of Midland at a special meeting held before the bi-weekly city council meeting held on May 14.

All of the containers around the city of Midland including the large drop off locations at Midland College and Security Bank Ballpark are expected to be pulled off the streets in the beginning of June.

 "Well it's an inconvenience for people but I understand, I come here and I see even what's in these dumpsters isn't always appropriate," said Reese.

While the city's decision rolls back the recycling program. It's also one that officials and Kevin Butts, owner of Butts Recycling Incorporated, believe could save the program's future.

"I think its a big eye opening to the city to say we thought we were doing the right thing, now we need to do the right thing to keep this alive," said Butts.

Butts Recycling has served Midland for decades, though its contract with the city recently ended, and due to a declining market for recyclable commodities. The company was forced to negotiate with the city.

At one point, the city considered ending its recycling program due to the rising operational costs, but the sides were able to reach a temporary agreement..

The city will pay $4,000/month for Butts Recycling to accept plastic 1s, plastic 2s, cardboard and mixed paper through the end of the year.

"Pulling the plug on the whole program would not want to send the message we want to send for the city," said Butts.

Meanwhile spirits are high for advocates of the recycling program like Keep Midland Beautiful's Doreen Womack.

"We are so happy and I really think people who recycle in Midland are going to be happy too," said Womack.

Womack also says while the changes may take adjustment, they'll help get recycling done the right way.

Here are some tips on plastic types:

Plastic 1s are commonly used as sodas and water bottles, peanut butter jars and salad dressing bottles.

Plastic 2s are commonly used as milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, and butter tubs.

Further questions can be answered by staff at the recycle centers.

Aluminum will only be accepted at Midland's Citizen Collection Station.