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Beltone gives back to the Permian Basin hearing impaired community

"Our job is not hearing aids, our job is to be a light to our community," Garrett Morgan, Permian Basin Beltone owner said.

MIDLAND, Texas — Hearing is something so simple, we often take it for granted.

It's essential to our daily lives.

So try to imagine what life would be like during this crisis if we couldn't hear. 

"Isolation is the number one thing that our patients go through and so to be quarantined or shelter in place is just adding to that and so we want to be positive, we want to be a light to everybody and this is our way of saying we're here," Garrett Morgan, Permian Basin Beltone owner said. 

A local hearing care center, Beltone of the Permian Basin is stepping up to the plate.

Since the beginning of this virus, Beltone has been hard at work adjusting their services.

"Our job is not hearing aids, our job is to be a light to our community," Morgan said. 

And if you need services, but you still want to maintain social distancing, you can set up a one on one appointment on their website, you can call them and if there's anything you need to pick up, you can simply park outside their office and honk for service. 

Beltone is also giving out free hearing aid batteries to anyone with a hearing impairment.

They're following CDC guidelines and giving out free hearing evaluations too.

"This was an easy decision for us. It's a way for us to give back and we collectively met and decided that we're going to step up and it's going to be harder, it's going to be harder work and it's awkward. There's a lot of uncertainty right now," Morgan said. 

But uncertainty fades when we hear of the good.

"There's a lot of positive out there. There's a lot of good things going on. There's a lot of light coming to the surface for all the right reasons and so I really think we're almost behind this," Morgan said. 

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